The quality of dental implants in Mexico is exceptional.

Restore Your Smile With All On 4 Dental Implants in Tijuana

Patients around the world are struggling right now with their dentures. They can’t taste the food very well, and the dentures perhaps are falling when talking.

Patients are looking for a permanent solution that helps them to restore their smiles, and also their lives.

For thousands of people around the world is too complicated not to have teeth or have just a few of them left in their mouths.

Some of them can’t even chew properly due to dentures because dentures often fit for around two or four years only. After this time you will take them to adjust.

Missing teeth are the most common thing in the United States, and also Mexico. People forget that the mouth is part of the body too, and if you don’t take care of your teeth, you can lose them.

However, you can lose your teeth due to plenty of reasons.

Periodontal diseases, accidents, and tooth decay can be the most popular reasons to lose teeth, but you can’t even imagine the number of reasons to lose one or more teeth.

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Who is a Good Candidate for All on 4 Dental Implants?

You Can Expect Amazing Results with this Procedure.

Some people don’t even know that All-On-Four procedure can restore their entire mouth. Probably they didn’t know about it because they didn’t need it. Most of the patients know about this procedure when the moment arrives.

When patients lose their entire upper or lower arch of teeth, they begin to search for a solution. Of course that the cheapest way to restore their smiles are dentures. But dentures can slip around, and dentures can also wiggle in your mouth.

Now, if you are looking to get dentures, let me tell you that a complete denture in the United States can cost around USD 3,700 or more. After getting dentures, you can be sure that you will need to spend more money in a couple of years. Dentures can shrink your gums, and aren’t the best option for the bone.

All on 4 Dental Implants Worth It?

The New Standards of Oral Health

Thousands of patients that had All on 4 dental implants procedure done in Tijuana are saying that it was the best decision they ever took.

Many of them weren’t even from the United States. A lot of them made their way to Tijuana from countries like Spain, Canada, Germany, and France.

Traveling from far, far away it is not always as easy as it seems, but they are flying because they know that dental implants are the only solution that will provide the conform and functionality they are looking for.

All-on-Four, All-on-Six, and All-on-Eight dental implants are a great choice to restore your smile. Implants are this little posts that dentists screw into the bone of your jaw. With this, tijuana dentists are creating the support to place crowns, which means that you are going to acquire new teeth.

Of course, you can see it as new teeth; even when they are fake, you are going to feel them as real. Dental implants in Tijuana are prosthetic dental pieces that will mimic the appearance and color of real teeth, just the way it was before.

It is your best decision because regardless the cost, you are going to enjoy chewing, laughing, eating, and talking better without the fear of dentures falling out of your mouth.

Without being embarrassed by taking dentures out when you are going to eat or sleep. Your food is going to taste better, the hygiene routine will be more manageable, and I can go on and on with all the benefits of this procedure.

How Much do All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in Mexico?

The High Prices in the US, Push Patients to Search for Alternatives

Due to its advantages and benefits, dental implants are expensive in the United States.

Dental insurance doesn’t cover this procedure, and if they do the coverage is too little to be useful. Patients usually are afraid of spending all their savings on dental implants or break their bank accounts.

One single dental implant can cost around US 4,500 or more. Now, there are some things you should know. If you don’t have enough bone in your jaw to place the All on 4 dental implants, you probably will require a bone graft.

A bone graft is also a surgery to restore the bone in your jaw to have enough to support your implants. This surgery can increase the total amount to pay at your dentist.

You probably are wondering why dental implants cost that much, and the answer is that dentistry in the United States can be expensive due to a bunch of things. The main reason to Americans to travel to Tijuana is because they find affordable prices with American quality and service.

For decades, dental tourism has become one of the first alternatives for abroad people to come to Mexico and Tijuana.

 Treatment Price List  Tijuana  USA
 Titanium Implant  $700  $2250
 Abutment Placement  $380  $1250
 Crown for Implant  $549  $2500
 Sinus Lift  $1100  $2290
 Bone Graft  $395  $895
 Tooth Extraction  $125  $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays  $75  $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants  $5999  $11500
 Root Canal  $300  $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post  $100  $265

Some people believe that what is the point of traveling to Tijuana to have this procedure done if you are going to have expenses such as you fly, hotel reservations, food, and more. So they say that you are going to spend big money anyway.

They tell you that they are still paying the vacations they had in 2012.

The truth is that of course, you are going to spend some money coming to Tijuana, but it is not as much as it would be if you decided to have dental implants in the United States. I tell you, you are saving up more than the 65% percent by coming to Tijuana to get All-on-Four dental implants done.

Plus, keep in mind that you are expending money on vacations. Baja California has a lot of nice places you can visit while you are staying in town for dental work. This Mexican state has a lot of things you can do for fun and rest.

So, you spend money on vacations for you and your family. Dental implants are an investment, usually last twenty years or a lifetime. They have a rate of failure below the 5%.

What to Do If You Lose a Tooth (As an Adult)

Losing a tooth can be traumatic for some patients.

If you miss one of your teeth recently, you are going to understand it. Maybe you are looking for alternatives to restore your missing teeth, maybe is the reason for you to be reading this. And perhaps you are looking for bridges, which usually have coverage by your dental insurance, and cost less than implants.

Probably you are looking for the most affordable solution, but if you go with dental bridges, you need to know that you are going to lose the shape of the two teeth that are between the gaps you are trying to fill.

Dentists grind down those teeth to create the tooth structure they need to place your dental bridge.

So, you think twice before choosing a dental bridge because it can be a good option, but not the best. With a bridge, you have highest chances in the future of requiring a root canal in one of the two teeth that your dentist is going to grind. You have these chances because those two teeth are now vulnerable and more expose of being damaged in the nerves or tooth decay.

When you lose one or more teeth, you can opt for the implants. This procedure works whether you lost one or more of your teeth. Now, let’s not forget that when you lose your teeth, your body begins to decrease the growth and thrive in the bone in your jaw.

With dental implants you make your body think that you still have your teeth, helping your bone to continue growing.

Now, take into account that if you lose your teeth due to periodontal disease, it is for sure that a bone graft is going to be required. Patients with periodontal diseases often lost the full upper and lower arch in their mouths.

And after a periodontal disease, there is not enough gums and bone to support the full mouth restoration (All-on-Four).

Bottom line here is that often there are patients that are not candidates for implants. The main reason could be gum diseases, but also smokers aren’t perfect candidates either.

Well, maybe you are convinced that you want dental implants in Tijuana, now your question is where to get them.

We know that it is hard to travel to a city where you don’t know anyone and where you had never been. So, finding a good dental office can be a challenge for you because you need to decide.

The main advice that I can give you is that you can go online on websites such as Yelp to read reviews from other patients about dental offices in Tijuana. A lot of patients take decisions once they read reviews from other people that came to Tijuana and had an enjoyable experience.

Dental offices in Tijuana like Trust Dental Care can offer you a free shuttle service, and this means that they can pick you at the San Diego airport or in the pedestrian crossing border. Remember that you are taking an important decision, make sure you are choosing the right place to do it.


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