The Prices of Dentists in Tijuana are Cheaper than the US

The difference of Dental Costs in Mexico and the United States

The price is the main reason for American citizens to come to the city and have dental work here. They are also looking for the best quality and the greatest service, which can be found here in Tijuana.

Unfortunately and for a lot of reasons, back in the United States they can´t be able to afford dental procedures such as dental implants.

A huge percent of citizens among the current population in the United States don’t even have the chance of acquiring proper dental insurance, and even when they have it, they mostly need to pay more than the half of the total amount.

One single dental implant back in the United States can cost you USD 2,000 approximately.

And if you need a bone graft surgery, the cost can increase. Millions of American citizens don’t have dental insurance coverage.

Nowadays, having insurance has become one of the most controversial topics in the United States. Because there are a lot of Americans without insurance, whether dental or not.

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Why Coming from Far Away Worth it?

When You Are Saving Money, it’s Worth it.

A huge amount of employer-sponsored dental health plans doesn’t include a lot of dental procedures.

And when they have it, often they receive small benefits. Let’s try an example; if you lost a tooth and needed a dental implant, you have high possibilities you don’t have coverage for that because insurances companies can see this as a luxury since they suggest bridges as a form of tooth replacement.

Besides, if you have pain in a tooth and you ignore it or hold it you, you have high possibilities of needing a root canal later. These dental emergencies can represent thousands of dollars out of the pockets of thousands of patients in the United States, Canada or even countries in Europe, such as France or Germany.

A lot of success stories are right now on the internet. You can see that regardless the expenses on plane tickets, hotel reservations, and food you can save up more than USD 30,000 by coming to Tijuana to get dental implants.

The price of plane tickets would worth every single dollar when you are saving that kind of money. Besides, if you have a plan and buy the tickets to fly with a lot of time before your trip, you can get discounts. And you don’t need to worry about hotel reservations. Most of the dental offices in Tijuana can get you better prices in your hotel rooms. You just need to ask about it.

Take into account that the average of prices in the United States for dental treatments, such as tooth implants cost can easily be, like I said early, around USD 2,000.00 for a single implant. Now, try to imagine if you need more than one implant and try to add a bone graft cost if you think you will need one. Costly, right?

Since a big number of patients don’t have dental insurance coverage, they usually search for other options. One of them is going to dental schools where they can find students offering low prices on dental procedures.

Prevention is the Key to Save Money

You Need to Teach Your Family Dental Care Habits.

Maybe you are wondering in a better way to save money when it comes to oral health. Fortunately for you and your family, there is an effective way to save time and money: Prevention.

You can teach your children how to have a dental hygiene routine and dental care habits. There is no better way to avoid bigger dental problems and save money than prevention.

Dentists in the USA can charge USD 150 or so for regular check-ups if you don’t have dental insurance coverage.

You are fortunate if you are near to the San Diego’s border to Tijuana, Mexico.

Regular check-ups in Tijuana for you and your family are available for better prices. Here you can easily find a pediatric dentist. There are dental offices that can see you and your family at the same place.

The early stages in the life of your kids are very important. Helping them to prevent tooth decay and gums diseases would be crucial.

Usually, when adolescents don’t develop oral problems, their parents stop taking care of their teeth. They think that their job is done, and they forget the whole topic.

If you have thoughts like this one, a dental emergency alarm might sound in any second now. You can expect untreated cavities and tartar build ups in teeth and gums.

Adolescents are as vulnerable to cavities as children. Teach them to prevent would help them to develop better oral care habits.

Remember that your best weapon against cavities and oral diseases is prevention.

Dental Tourism in Mexico Can Save You Big Money

The High Prices in the US, Push Patients to Search for Alternatives

It is essential to see the same dentist every single time you come to the city.

Your dentist will have your clinic file and will know about the treatments you already have.

Try to come for your regular check-ups in order to keep good health, and for the follow-up of previous procedures.

Usually, patients that are coming from countries like Canada, Germany, and Spain, have plans to come at least once a year to the city if they need large procedures or check-ups of previous procedures such as dental implants.

For patients that are from California, Arizona or Washington, coming to Tijuana is easier, and they can come for their check-ups more often.

Patients that are coming from far, far away, usually come to Tijuana for bigger dental procedures such as crowns, veneers, and dental implants.

And since dental implants price is better in Tijuana, a lot of people come to get them here.

Take into account that if you have a good maintenance with your teeth you can avoid a lot of dental problems. I can keep talking about prevention, there is so much to learn about taking care of your teeth.

 Treatment Price List  Tijuana  USA
 Titanium Implant  $700  $2250
 Abutment Placement  $380  $1250
 Crown for Implant  $549  $2500
 Sinus Lift  $1100  $2290
 Bone Graft  $395  $895
 Tooth Extraction  $125  $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays  $75  $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants  $5999  $11500
 Root Canal  $300  $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post  $100  $265
Composite Filling  $85  $270
Zirconium Crowns  $475  $1495

**These are estimated prices, not the standard.

If you have a dental problem in our hands, there is no turning back. You can have proper oral care habits such as flossing and brushing your teeth, and still be vulnerable to dental problems in the future.

No one is safe, but certainly prevention would help you to avoid a lot of issues.

You can’t rely on brushing your teeth only. At some point in your life, you will be facing a dental problem.

Probably dentists wouldn’t exist if brushing your teeth were enough to keep your teeth healthy. Can you imagine a world without dentists? I can’t.

Regular visits to your dentist and dental cleanings in Tijuana will provide great health in your teeth and gums. Dental cleanings costs in Tijuana are low and you can take advantage of this to get the treatment done in the city.

Dental cleanings in Tijuana can improve the health of your gums. You can get rid of plaque and tartar by removing them with this procedure. Teeth cleaning for US 45 while in the United States a regular cleaning have a price of US 145

In Tijuana, you can find an enormous amount of dental experts that will help you to restore your dental health. So, in case you failed your prevention dental problems mission, you can find help in this border.

Bits of Advice to Choose the Right Dentist

The Quality & Services in Mexico are Exceptional.

With all you had read here today, probably you are convinced that your best alternative is coming to Tijuana where you can find a good dentist.

However, how can you take the final decision? How to choose the right dental office in town?

Searching online for good dental offices would be a fantastic idea since a lot of people leave their comments there. Many people write reviews online, and those reviews will help you to choose a good dentist in Tijuana.

Reading those good or bad experiences from other people will be very useful.

Patients from all over the world have said that reading reviews online helped them to pick a dentist.

A lot of them hesitate about coming to a foreign land to have dental work. They are not sure about coming to a land that they don’t know, so reading good experiences can be useful.

There are a lot of good things in a city like Tijuana, discovering all these things can serve as an amazing adventure.


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